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Dog Whistle Pack of 2 w/ Lanyard

Dog Whistle Pack of 2 w/ Lanyard

Dog Whistle Product Description

Is your pup going off the rails? Rein them in with our Dog Whistle Pack of 2 w/ Lanyard! Keep your pet in line with a set of lightweight whistles that transmit far and have multiple frequencies to choose from. Keep one around your neck to ensure you're ready to keep your pup in check!

Dog Whistle to Stop Barking
Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

When training your dog with the dog whistle, have treats on hand and bring your pup to a quiet area. Tweak the frequency and blow the whistle, observing your dog's response to each setting and taking note of the strongest reaction. Optimum frequency is achieved after 5-6 training sessions per day, with a reward for positive behavior. Techniques include: two short sounds for 'Don't move', one long and one short for 'Sit down', and two long tones for 'Over'


For example, training the "sit-down" action entails playing the whistle in the prescribed manner, then firmly grasping the canine's buttocks while encouraging him to sit. Following this technique and repeating the practice will eventually prompt the pup to respond to the flute and sit independently.

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